About the Elias Group

■ The Elias Group is an investment management and M&A advisory firm with a differentiated strategy and solution to create value for investors. The firm is based in North America and Asia and focuses on making investments in North American and Asian companies.

■ The Elias Group pursues control-oriented investments with highly capable management teams to provide superior financial and strategic solutions for investors.

■ Our vision is to deliver long-term value to our investors with the highest ethical standard while supporting market leaders to reach their fullest potentials using our acumen for success and expertise in target industries.

■ With physical presences in Seoul, Hong Kong, Vancouver, Los Angeles and New York, we combine multinational and cross-cultural insights from each locale to provide flexible and innovative solutions to portfolio companies while delivering outstanding performance across our funds.

■ In addition to the private investment, based on our strong recognition in social responsibility, the Elias Group actively engages in project-based management consulting services for government, pseudo-government entities and financial institutions. The Elias Group strongly aims to make a positive contribution not only to investors of our business but also to the surrounding environment in which we operate.

  • Investment Approach

Investment Approach

■ Utilizing our multinational and cross-cultural aspects, the Elias Group seeks to cultivate innovative but well-balanced investment opportunities. We especially focus on creating long-term value to investors which allow us to create flexible investment structures from equity investment as a venture capital to leveraged buyout as a more traditional private equity.

■ While our investment mandate is broad, the primary investment strategy of the Elias Group is to leverage our long-standing experience and robust investment track record in target industries, including financial institution, real estate, healthcare and entertainment. Our industry-specific experience, extensive resources and exceptional management not only help every portfolio company to achieve its full potential but also contribute to accelerate returns for investors.

■ Our senior advisory committee and investment professionals actively work together to enhance business intelligence, spot trend, and analyze markets to take advantage of diverse opportunities across multiple markets.

■ The Elias Group actively involves in every stage of our investment to establish meaningful partnerships with our portfolio companies and to maximize profit for our investors.

  • Our Team

Our Team

■ The Elias Group operates as a single international team. Our multinational and cross-cultural team brings experience and diversity in the private equity industry which generate exceptional ideas for the long-term growth for our portfolio companies.

■ The Elias Group’s consistent focus on talented professionals strengthens our ability to be dedicated partners to portfolio companies and help them to become enduring industry leaders.

■ The Elias Group’s investment professionals have expertise across a wide range of disciplines and have experiences of executing various transactions in North America and Asia. Each professional is closely coordinated with principles and values that associated with the success of the Elias Group.

■ The Elias Group has one of the most reliable and experienced senior advisory committee in private equity: Each member of our senior advisory committee has at least 10 years of commercial experiences, primarily in private equity, banking, and management consulting. These experiences enable our team to make knowledgeable and thoughtful decisions to increase long-term value of our investment.

■ Focused both on matured economies and emerging markets, the Elias Group’s investment team operates and manages investments throughout North America and Asia. Our investment professionals and senior advisory committee actively engages in every stage of investment cycle which enable the Elias Group to realize maximum value to our investors.